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What to Expect From Your Self-Storage Space
Many people do not consider the variety of options available to make their lives more convenient and organized by utilizing self-storage options. Southlake Storage Units offers reasonable rates for a wide variety of sizes, plus added features to meet every storage need. We offer more than ten different sizes of closed-in units, ranging from 5’x10’ to 20’x15’, as well as oversized parking spaces for storing RVs, vehicles, and boats. Traditional units are suitable for some needs. We also have climate-controlled units to protect goods from extreme fluctuations in temperature that can occur in the Southlake, TX, area. We also provide hand trucks and dollies for clients to use onsite; but if a drive-up unit is desirable, we have some of those as well. If you have a need, simply ask! We are pleased to work with you to determine what is best-suited for your requirements.
A wide range of sizes allows businesses and individuals an opportunity to rent only what they need, which is also ideal for the budget. Perhaps as a business, having all your retired files organized in a smaller sized unit would make you more efficient. In other cases, our largest unit may be perfect to economically house valuable equipment, to keep it safe from problems you might otherwise experience at your business onsite. Small businesses may find self-storage units give them the power to expand with only a minimal monthly investment when storage needs outgrow their current space.
Individuals or families who wish to store seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations, or summer recreational equipment, will enjoy not having to find space at home. When items such as these are stored in one location, gathering them for use is quick and easy, and reduces clutter at home. If a change or move requires storage of one or more rooms of furniture or belongings, we can help you select the most economical option, from a small room to an entire home size. Whatever you need, we have the perfect solution.
Our offerings are available at the most affordable rates in pleasant and well-maintained surroundings, utilizing the latest security technologies. Your personal safety, as well as security for your valued possessions is a priority for Southlake Storage. Visit us today to discover all the possibilities available; or if you prefer, call our office so that we may help in choosing what is best to meet your unique storage requirements.
Size Square feet Room Equivalent  Storage units, Climate Control storage Southlake, 76092, indoor storage unites, keller 76248,
5 x 10 NC
5 x 10 CC
50 square feet Walk-in closet
5 x 15 NC
5 x 15 CC
75 square feet Small Bedroom
10 x 10 NC
10 x 10 CC
100 square feet Average Size Bedroom
10 x 15 NC
10 x 15 CC
150 square feet Large Bedroom
10 x 20 NC
10 x 20 CC
200 square feet One-Car Garage
10 x 25 NC 250 square feet Call for Details
10 x 30 NC 300 square feet Extra Large Garage
14 x 10 CC 140 square feet Call for Details
12 x 30 NC 360 square feet Call for Details
15 x 15 NC
15 x 15 CC
225 square feet Six room house (boxes and small furniture)
20 x 15 NC
20 x 15 CC
300 square feet Eight room house (boxes and small furniture)
10 x 40 RV/Boat Storage

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